E.R. Street Rosewood Wide Bar 4 Octave Xylophone

As-is: $3,000
Refurbished: $4,500
Overhauled: $6,250

E.R. Street was a mallet maker from around 1890 to 1930. This xylophone is a 4 octave (C4-C8) range with 2" wide bars through the full range. This instrument is similar to the Deagan Professional 1719 model. The frame breaks down for easy transport. The wheels need to be replaced and there are a few resonators missing the plugs. The bars need to be refinished and tuned. The nickel on the resonators is okay, but the frame has worn down and is rusty in places. 

As-is: Wheels and missing resonator plugs need to be replaced. Bars will need to be tuned at some point.

Refurbished: Wheels and resonator plugs will be replaced. The lower frame will be powder coated a metallic silver and the resonators will be cleaned up. The bars will be refinished and tuned. 

Overhauled: Resonators, hardware, and frame will be stripped and nickel plated. The wood rails would be refinished as well as the bars. The resonator plugs will all be upgrade to brass plugs.