Available items made by Re-Percussion 

Glockenspiel Stock

Looking to purchase a full set of Deagan, Leedy, or other brands of glockenspiel? Follow this link to see our current stock of glockenspiels. Everything is stock will be restored and put into a case of your choosing. Custom work is also available.

Ludwig Timpani Tuning Gauges


Re-Percussion tuning gauges are designed to mount on the sides of Ludwig Timpani. They will fit on any Standard, Professional, or Symphonic model. They are available for 32" 29" 26" 23" and 20" so contact us to place an order and let us know what sizes you need.

Ludwig Timpani Third Wheel Attachment

Wheel kit that fits onto Ludwig timpani for easier transportation

Wheel attachments are being re-designed and will become available Fall of 2023. Follow this link and fill out the form to be put on a waiting list.

Chime / Tubular Bells Replacement Post

Replacement post (peg, support, hanger) for Yamaha, Deagan, and Adams chimes

This part is made to order. Contact us about getting one made for you.

Tuned Claves for Reich's Music for Pieces of Wood - $300

These claves are made and tuned to be used for Music for Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich. They are made of Purple Heart for the claves and Bubinga for the beaters. This is based on the design made by Andrew Feldman for Nexus Percussion. They are tuned to A5, B5, C#6, D#6, and D#7. Claves come with a fleece storing bag.