Mallet Instrument Repairs, Refinishes, and Upkeep

While some bars can be repaired, others have to be replaced due extensive damage.   Contact Re-Percussion to find out what options are available. 

Mallet Instrument Tuning

Marimba and Xylophone

5 Octave - $280
4.5 Octave - $260
4.3 Octave - $230
4 Octave - $200
3 Octave - $150

4 Octave - $200
3.5 Octave - $180
3 Octave - $150
Orff- $65

Tuning for rosewood or padauk mallet instruments should happen 2 years after purchase and then every 3-4 years afterwards because the bars dry out. Vibraphones and Bells can also be tuned if needed.

Bar Refinishing

Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibraphone

Price Includes Mandatory Tuning After New Finish Has Been Applied

Rosewood & Padauk Bars- $120 per octave

Synthetic Bars- $130 per Octave

Vibraphone Bars- Polished, Lacquer and Powder Coat options available. Contact for quote

There is an extra cost for wood bars that have been stained a darker color. Synthetic bars are refinished to match original color. 

Glockenspiel Bar Replacement, Replating, and Tuning

Glockenspiel, Bells, Song Bells, and Steel Marimba

Bar replacement and plating costs varies depending on the size of the bars. Contact us for a quote.

Flat Top Steel Bar 

Round Top Steel Bar 

Replating and Tuning Bars with Electroless Nickel
$160 per Octave: Satin Finish
$220 per Octave: Gloss Finish

Glockenspiel Case

New Frame and Case

Three different style replacement frame and case for your glockenspiel. Vinyl wrap case for extra protection and standard use. White Oak Resonant case with Floating or Free Floating frame for projection and a full carrying sound.

Vinyl Wrap Case

Floating Frame & Resonant Case

Free Floating Frame and Resonant Case

Bar cleaning and polishing also available. 

Rosewood Bar Replacement

Marimba and Xylophone

Bar Range     Price
A1-B1             $225
C2-F2            $250
F#2-B2         $225
C3-B3           $200
C4-B4           $160
C5-B5           $130
C6-B6           $100
C7-C8           $80

Discounts applied when multiple bars are ordered.

Padauk Bar Replacement

Marimba and Xylophone

Bar Range    Price
C2-B2           $175
C3-B3           $150
C4-B4           $120
C5-B5           $100
C6-B6           $80
C7-C8           $70

Discounts applied when multiple bars are ordered.

Bar Repair

Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibraphone

Rosewood Bar - $60
Padauk Bar - $60
Synthetic Bar - $100
Vibraphone Bar- $50 if possible

Synthetic bars come with a refinishing of the bar and all bars are checked for pitch and tuned if necessary. Some bars might not be able to be fixed depending on condition. Discounts for multiple bars.

Frames and Carts

Everything from inside the concert hall to the field. Replacement frames or new crats for your equipment. 

Synthesizer and Mixer Carts

All electronic carts are custom made to your equipment and your needs. Plug-ins and racks are placed where you want them and carts can be fully enclosed or open. Listed are base prices for carts which can be upgraded to the setups you need.

Synth Cart: Enclosed w/ Basic Layout- $2500
Mixer Cart: Enclosed w/ Racks and Basic Plugs- $2800

Speaker Carts

Speaker carts are designed to fit you specific speakers before being built. Speakers can be tilted and the carts are made of 1 1/2" spare tubing to fit standard rack clamps. 

Speaker Cart: Stacked Speaker/Sub - $780

Mallet Field Frame

Mallet field frames our built to be a universal fit or designed to your specific instrument and needs. All frames have 8” flat-free casters and are made of 1.5” square tubing so clamps can be attached anywhere on the frames.

Marimba Field Frame - $1,100
Vibraphone Field Frame - $1,000
Xylophone Field Frame - $950
Glockenspiel Field Frame - $900

Folding Auxiliary Rack

The 6ft auxiliary rack has 30" legs that fold in for easy transport and open to either 90° or 120°. Other sizes are available upon request. 

Folding Auxiliary Rack - $750

Drum Set Carts

Drum set carts with field frames come with large flat-free casters and fold up to fit through a standard doorway. Flat platforms or folding platforms are also available for concert use. 

Drum Set Field Cart - $850
Folding Drum Set Platform - $650
Flat Drum Set Platform - $500

Concert Bass Drum Frames

Concert bass drums frames are built to fit the size of your drum. They are available in suspended or rigged fit. You can also choose field or concert frame design as needed. 

Suspended Bass Drum Field Frame - $875
Fixed Bass drum Field Frame - $625
Suspend Bass Drum Concert Frame - $675
Fixed Bass Drum Concert Frame - $450

Gong Frames

Gong frames are built to fit 40" gongs, but can be changed upon request. Field Frames come with large flat-free casters and 1.5" square tube to mount anything you need. 

Gong Field Frame - $525
Gong Concert Frame - $370


Prop frames, platforms, and other utility carts can be built to your specific needs. All designs are drawn in 3D for final approval before building begins. Contact Re-Percussion to get an estimate for your next project.

Mallet Concert Frames

Concert Frames are light weight and extremely durable. They are designed to be a universal fit and can be fixed or height adjustable. Free installation for local groups around Utah Valley.

Xylophone Frame. Fixed Height - $400
Xylophone Frame. Adjustable Height - $500
Vibraphone Frame. Fixed Height - $425
Vibraphone Frame. Adjustable Height - $525
Marimba Frame. Fixed Height - $425
Marimba Frame. Adjustable Height - $525

Bell & Xylophone Case Cart

The adjustable width on these carts will fit and set of bells or xylophone in a case. The height adjustment is easy to use and will help protect your instruments from the abuse of moving it on and off a folding stand. 

Case Cart. Adjustable Height - $475