Mallet Instrument Repairs, Refinishes, and Upkeep

While some bars can be repaired, others have to be replaced due extensive damage.   Contact Re-Percussion to find out what options are available. 

Mallet Instrument Tuning

Marimba and Xylophone

5 Octave - $300
4.5 Octave - $280
4.3 Octave - $260
4 Octave - $250
3 Octave - $200

4 Octave - $250
3.5 Octave - $225
3 Octave - $200
Orff- $75

Tuning for rosewood or padauk mallet instruments should happen 2 years after purchase and then every 3-4 years afterwards because the bars dry out. Vibraphones and Bells can also be tuned if needed.

Bar Refinishing

Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibraphone

Price Includes Mandatory Tuning After New Finish Has Been Applied

Rosewood & Padauk Bars- $150 per octave

Synthetic Bars- $155 per Octave

Vibraphone Bars- Polished, Lacquer and Powder Coat options available. Contact for quote

There is an extra cost for wood bars that have been stained a darker color. Synthetic bars are refinished to match original color. 

Glockenspiel Bar Replacement, Replating, and Tuning

Glockenspiel, Bells, Song Bells, and Steel Marimba

Bar replacement and plating costs varies depending on the size of the bars. Contact us for a quote. Heat Treated Bars coming soon.

Flat Top Steel Bar 

Round Top Steel Bar 

Replating and Tuning Bars with Electroless Nickel
$180 per Octave: Satin Finish
$270 per Octave: Semi-Gloss Finish

Contact us for a Gloss Chrome Finish Quote

Glockenspiel & Xylophone Cases

New Frame and Case

We offer 4 different options to choose from for your glockenspiel. You can click here to go to the glockenspiel page and find out more. You can click here to see what glockenspiels we have in stock to can be sold in new cases.

Vinyl Wrap Case

Floating Frame & Resonant Case

Free Floating Frame and Resonant Case

Deep Resonant Road Case

Bar cleaning and polishing also available. 

Rosewood Bar Replacement

Marimba and Xylophone

Bar Range     Price
A1-B1             $250
C2-F2            $220
F#2-B2         $200
C3-B3           $175
C4-B4           $140
C5-B5           $100
C6-B6           $80
C7-C8           $75

Discounts applied when multiple bars are ordered.

Padauk Bar Replacement

Marimba and Xylophone

Bar Range    Price
C2-B2           $160
C3-B3           $130
C4-B4           $100
C5-B5           $80
C6-B6           $75
C7-C8           $70

Discounts applied when multiple bars are ordered.

Bar Repair

Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibraphone

Rosewood Bar  $45-75
Padauk Bar  $45-75
Synthetic Bar  $45-$100
Vibraphone Bar- $65 if possible

Synthetic bars come with a refinishing of the bar and all bars are checked for pitch and tuned if necessary. Some bars might not be able to be fixed depending on condition. Discounts for multiple bars.

Crotale Tuning and Cleaning

Tuning: $90 per octave or $10 per note

Cleaning and Polishing: $80 per octave

Crotales overtime harden from dents and usage and slowly raise in pitch. We can tune them back down or tune them up as needed. Crotales can also drop in pitch when they develop cracks. We are working on a way to be able to repair those cracks. 


Chimes aka Tubular Bells Repairs, Tuning, and Refinishing

Chime Crack Repair

Cracks can be repaired with brazing and then the tube refinished. 

Chrome Tube Repair: $110
Brass Tube Repair: $85

Chime Refinishing

Brass tubes are stripped and given a satin finish before lacquering. Tuning is additional if desired. 

Refinish Set of Brass Chimes: $450

Chime Tuning

Chimes tuning comes with two options. Tuning Down (when the tubes are sharp) and Tuning Up (when tubes are flat). 

Tuning Down: $300
Tuning Up: $200

Chime Restoration

We can refinish your frame and/or tubes on any set set of chimes. We can also repair broken frame parts and make replacement parts as needed. 

We also offer wheel upgrades for old Deagan Chimes. 

Contact us for a quote. 

Ludwig Tuning Gauges and Third Wheel Attachments 

Custom made by Re-Percussion, these are designed to mounting on most Ludwig timpani models. 

Ludwig Tuning Gauge

These gauges are made to mount on the existing holes on your Ludwig timpani. The gauge rocker arm then attaches to the center piston of your timpani. Keep it out of the way of your legs and made of thicker steel to prevent bending or snapping of parts. Stainless steel indicators from DK Percussion.

Tentative price is $185 per gauge. These will become available Fall of 2023. Follow this link and fill out the form to get on a waiting list. 

Ludwig Third Wheel Attachment

Re-Percussion offers a way to add a third wheel to your drums to make transportation easy and safe for the drum. The attachment attaches to the pedal mount and has a brake to help hold it in place (not pictured). 

Tentative price is $170 per wheel set. These will become available Fall of 2023. Follow this link and fill out the form to get on a waiting list.