Mallet Field Frames

Replace your concert frame with a height adjustable field frame. Frames feature 8" flat free casters and an accessory bar for all your mounting needs. Universal fit design to fit any range and style. 

Speaker Carts

Dual speaker cart with a tilt adjustable top rack to point your sound where it needs to go. Carts feature 8" flat free casters and are sized to fit through a standard 30" doorway for easy transport. 

Auxiliary Rack, Gong Cart, and Bass Drum Cart

We offer 6ft racks for mounting all your auxiliary player's equipment. The arms open to either a 90 degree or 60 degree angle to fit your set up. Racks feature 8" flat free casters and 3/8" pins to keep arms steady for transporting. All are made with 1.5" square tubing to fit all standard square clamps. Longer lengths also available upon request. 

Gong carts are designed to fit up to 40" gongs and can be adjusted to fit smaller sizes. Bass Drum carts are also available and can be built to connect to gong carts for easy transport and set up. 

Drum Set Cart

These are platform style Drum Set Carts. They are built with an accessory bar for cymbal mounting and they fold in half to fit through a 30" doorway. Carts come with six flat free casters and they sit low to the ground for everyday concert use as well. Other configurations are available upon request. 

Synthesizer, Electric Mallet, and Mixer Carts

We can build all types of carts to transport your electronics.  You can have separate synth and mixer set ups or combine them into one cart. You can also have an open frame style or have it enclosed to protect your electronics during bad weather. Contact Re-Percussion to get the right style built for you. 

Props and Banner Carts

Upgrade your band's visual appearance with background frames and field props. Design the right prop for your band and get them made to last.