Glockenspiel Restoration

New Cases, Replating Bars, and Tuning New and Old Glockenspiels

The old Deagan and Leedy glockenspiels are an all time favorite for percussionist to play on. However, most set have seen many years of use and the bars have lost their lust as well as their pitch. The cases were also designed to be as portable as possible, taking away from the playing set up and the resonance that can be achieved. Here at Re-Percussion, we take great care to make full use of the amazing sounds of these antique glockenspiels while making a sturdy case that will help project it's sound. Below you can examples of the work done on restored sets. In order from top left: Deagan Roundtop 1123, Deagan Roundtop 1120, Deagan Special 31

Glockenspiel Cases

New cases for old and new glockenspiels

We provide three types of cases for glockenspiels. First is the heavy duty vinyl wrapped case. Great for schools and gigging where you want to protect you case from the constant moving but still have a sturdy case that let the bars sing. Made from baltic birch ply and poplar.

Second are the resonate oak cases. The standard oak case has a built in frame, but has the rails of the frame floating over the bottom of the case. This allows the oak ply to become a sound board and resonate with the bars. This case helps carry the sound of smaller 1" bar sets and really projects the fundamental pitch of heavier sets. The other case is a 100% free floating deep case. The frame sits on felt inside the case and maximizes the resonance of the case. This case is designed for the largest sets of glockenspiels and really focuses the fundamental and overtones of the bars. 

Plating, Tuning, Bar Replacement and Range Extensions

Plating and Tuning process with additional notes to cover extended ranges.

A lot of glockenspiels are in need of replating to restore the original look and protect the bars from rusting. At Re-Percussion we take our glockenspiel bars to a local plating company that we have been working with for many years. They wash they bars, place then in a vat to remove the old plating without damaging the steel, remove the rust, do a light polishing, and triple plate the bars in a new chrome finish. Then if a satin finish is desired, they polish the surface with a light scotch brite to bring done the mirror finish. Tuning is then need to bring the bars back to home base pitch. We can tune them up or down to 440hz or 442hz and then seal the parts of the bars that were tuned to prevent them from rusting underneath. 

We also make replacement bars and range extensions for all glockenspiels. We use two types of high carbon steel to best match the original alloy used in your glockenspiels. The bars are machined down to match the size and pin hole placement of your set and then stamped, plated, and tuned to match.