Ludwig Concert Bass Drum 32"

As-is: $400
Refurbished: $1,000
Overhauled: $1,400

The frame is missing a wheel and the tilt mechanism needs some work done. One of the rims is broken and the other has one ply layer that has split. The finish on the rims is worn down. The shell and hardware are in good condition. The heads are old and need to be replaced. 

As-is: The rim and frame need to be fixed up before they are usable. 

Refurbished: The rims will be repaired and will get a spray paint touch up. The frame will be fixed and the tilt mechanism will be adjusted to work. New heads will be installed.

Overhauled: Two new black aluminum rims will be installed. The frame will get parts replaced and get powdered coated. (A new frame/field frame can be built). New heads installed and the white wrap can be covered with a vinyl wrap of your choice. 

Shipping is available at an additional cost.
If you want a new frame or field frame check out the carts page.