Ludwig Timpani Set of 4

As-is: $4,000
Refurbished: $5,200
Overhauled: $7,500

This is a set of copper professional model Ludwig timpani from varying years. The 32" and 23" are from the same manufacturing period. The 26" is an older version where the color was the original light brown paint color before they switched to the dark brown powder coating. The 29" is the oldest where they were starting to use the new strut design and below bowl spider rod layout. They were still labeled as WFL for a while before fully moving the 26" design. The 29" does not have the exterior support ring and has a non-extended collar hoop. The bowls all have varying amounts of scratches and dents with the 29" having the most.

The only drum not functional is the 29" which is missing some tension rods and has a broken strut. The other three drums just need to be put back together and they will work. The 23" currently has a test version of our third wheel design that will be removed before selling. The heads are all old and need replacing except for the 23" which has an used Evans Strata head on it. The 32" drum has a dented rim that while still let it be playable, the head tuning will be off. 

As-is: The 29" will need some work and parts to get fully functional. The other drums will be put back together before selling. We can just fix up the 29" for an additional cost. 

Refurbished: We will fix up the 29" drum and get everything working. All dents will be smoothed out from the bowls. We will installed Evans strata heads on all the drums. The 29" will get an extended collar hoop and be adjusted to fit a standard timpani head on it. The dent in the 32" rim will be straightened out. Third wheel attachments and tuning gauges can be purchased separately.

Overhaul: All four drums will be completely dismantled.  The frames will all be powder coated the same color. The 29" will receive and new hoop and ring so it matches the other drums. All the bowls will be stripped, polished, and lacquered so all the dents and scratches will be cleaned up. New third wheel attachments and tuning gauges will be installed along with new heads. The drum will look brand new once everything is finished. 

Shipping is available at an additional cost. We can possibly break up the set as needed.