Marimba Tuning and Bar Replacement

All Rosewood and Padauk marimbas need to be tuned at least every 2-3 years, especially if you live in a dry climate. Bars can raise up 30+ cents in pitch and can be affected even more if used outdoors. Re-Percussion can tune your marimbas as well as refinish wood and synthetic bars to bring both pitch and looks back into a beautiful balance. Cracked bars can be repaired except in a few rare cases. If it can't be repaired, we can make new Padauk or Rosewood bars. View the pricing page for details.

Marimba Restoration and Repair

Marimbas can go through a lot of wear and tear with indoor/outdoor use and students constantly playing on them.      Re-Percussion can bring your marimba back to life or do repairs necessary to keep it up and running.  Contact us to find the right solution for your instrument. 

Rosewood Marimba

These are Rosewood Marimbas made by Re-Percussion. These are 5 Octave marimbas with height adjustable frames and tuneable bass resonators. We have put a hold on building marimbas for a while and will announce when we start producing more of them. 

Padauk Practice Marimba

Re-Percussion has made a few Padauk marimbas in an attempt to make a marimba that is a full size 5 octave marimba and is affordable. Here are the marimbas we have made so far. Practice marimbas will become available for purchase soon. Check back with us or contact us for availability. 

Marimba Side Projects

Re-Percussion can build marimba related items to fit unusual needs. We have built a 1/2 octave extension as well as a low B1 bass marimba bar to use for percussion arrangements of Shostakovich's "Festive Overture" and Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". Both of these instruments are available for rent. Contact Re-Percussion for questions about building your own specialty instrument or renting our equipment.