Came across an old celesta that had seen too many miles on the wheels. We added some metal braces to keep the foot attached and did some touch up on the finish.

Marching Machine

Marching machines are used to imitate the sound of people marching down a road. I've made some from hickory, cherry, and chains for different uses. 

Glass Wind Chimes

Some rare pieces call for glass wind chimes. While outdoor wind chimes can be used, these were made to imitate the tinkling sound of glass in an easy to play arrangement. 


These 4 podiums were commissioned for the new Utah Valley University Noorda Center for the Performing Arts. Each one was made to match the wood used in a particular music hall and were designed for easy transport and storage. 

Bass Chimes

These chimes were made for a performance of Holst's "Planet Suite". The chimes are made of aluminum tubing with a plug inserted at the top for a striking face. The low C3 is 8 ft. long and the frame can be adjusted to fit other notes for pieces such as "Pictures at an Exhibition" or "Symphonie Fantastic". 

Other Projects

All my other odd-and-end projects.

Suspended Cymbal Arms

Simple build for a better sounding cymbal.

Cymbal & Hardware Cabinet

Orem High School needed some storage space that kept everything organized.​​​​​​​

Triangle Clips

A simple clip that has plenty of elastic and string to suspend it properly.

Adams Dresden Accidental Indicators 

Custom built for a friend that wanted the extra indicators for quick tuning.

Horn Sound Shields

A quick job to help the horn players at UVU get their sound out.

Rolling Trap Table

A trap table for Lakeridge Jr. High​​​​​​​ to keep their stuff organized.