Percussion Rentals

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Let us know what instruments you need, location of the rental, and the dates and times for the duration of the rental

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Rental Inventory and Pricing

Pricing is for one week rental (up to 7 days). Discounts are given for large quantity rentals.

Due to the nature of some of our vintage instruments as well as the costs of some of the higher quality instruments, certain items are only available to professional groups and/or performers. Theses items will be label with (Pro).

Cartage fees are required for all large instruments and is available for small instruments. Cartage fee is based upon time to drive to location one-way. Setup is also available for a fee.

Cartage large load fees: $1 (30 minutes) $2 (1 hour) $3 (2 hour)
Cartage small load fees: $1 (30 minutes) $2 (1 hour) $3 (2 hour)

Setup Fees: $1 (1-3 instruments) $2 (4+ instruments)