Mallet Bar Repairs and Replacements

Rosewood, Padauk, and Synthetic Marimba and Xylophone Bars

Over time a lot of bars will either develop cracks in them, start shredding on the sides, or go severely out of tune. These bars can either be repaired or replaced depending on the damage to the bar. All rosewood and padauk bars need to be tuned about once every 2-3 years, especially here in Utah where it is dry. Vibraphone bars can also be repaired in some cases. 
Her are a some photos of bars I have worked on.

Timpani Repairs

From New Heads to New Parts

A lot of the older Ludwig timpani can develop issues with the pedal mechanisms that require a little more finesse to repair. All timpani can run into issues with missing screws or adjustments needed to straighten things out. Contact Re-Percussion if your timpani need some TLC.

Mallet Instrument Repairs

Marimbas, Vibraphones, and Xylophone

Whether it's a small rail repair or a complete overhaul to get you instrument back into action, Re-Percussion can do a lot of repair jobs on mallet instruments. With access to the right tools, vibe pedals can be put back together, new frames can be built, and broken wood rails can be repaired or replaced. Here are many examples of what Re-Percussion can do to get things running again. 

Deagan Xylo Before

Deagan Xylo After

Musser Piper Bracing

Musser Vibe Frame Replacement 

New Aluminum Malletech Rail Supports

Marimba Rail End Split Replacement

Finished Repaired Rail

Slingerland Vibe Frame Before

Saito Vibe Frame Before

Slingerland and Saito Vibe Frame After

Korogi Marimba Before

Korogi Marimba After

Deagan Marimba Before

Deagan Marimba After

Dented Resonator 

Dent Removed

Missing Vibraphone Pull Rod

Zipped Tied Vibraphone Dampener Spring

Vibraphone Dampener Bracket 

Glockenspiel Repair

Glockenspiels get moved and used a lot in school settings. Cases can fall apart and mounting hardware can come loose or wear out. Re-Percussion can do everything from replacing hardware to building a whole new case and frame for your glockenspiel. 

Crotale and Chimes Repair

Broken crotale mounts can be welded back onto the frames. Chime pedals and dampening systems can be replaced or repaired. Much more can be done to repair and restore your instruments. 

Drum Repairs

Whether it's getting hardware fixed or getting your shell fixed, there are many options for getting your drums back in working order.

Miscellaneous Repairs 

Tambourine needs a new head? Celesta wheel broken? Bell Tree needs some TLC? Re-Percussion offers a wide variety of repair options for your percussion instruments.