Suzhou Timpani Pair: 29" 26"

As-is: $1,500
Refurbished: $2,000
Overhauled: N/A

This pair of drums was built by a Chinese manufacture "Suzhou Classical Music Instrument Factory". They are build in a similar layout to Ludwig timpani. The bowls are hammered, seamed timpani similar to Goodman bowls. They use the same spring mechanism design as Ludwig timpani.

There are a few pins/bolts that have come loose that need some simple repair and adjustments. The wheels do work as-is. There are suppose to be rubber/plastic pads on the feet of the drums but both have fallen off. The heads are old and need to be replaced. Bowls don't have any scratches or dents and the frames are cosmetically in great condition. They come with hand made drop covers. 

As-is: they somewhat function, but a little bit of work will get them going.

Refurbished: They will be fixed up to be fully functional and get new heads.

Overhauled: These drums don't require any major overhaul.

Shipping is available at additional cost.