Vibraphone Restorations

Old and used to brand new

Old vibraphones that have been used for many years are taken into shop for a complete redo. Both frame and resonators are taken apart so each component can be repaired and refinished. Bars are refinished and tuned and everything comes back together like new. 

Vibraphone Frames

New frames and repairs to get the vibraphones back up and running.

We offer two types of frames, concert and field frames. Field frames are added for outdoor use and attaching various equipment to the frame for easy transport. Concert frames are simple yet sturdy in their design. They can travel in class rooms with ease and will last forever. 

Vibraphone Repairs

Broken bars to dented resonators

While it is rare, vibraphone bars can sometimes be repaired when they have crack. We also do repairs for dents in resonators, switches for motors, and dampening bar issues.