Ludwig Timpani WFL Pair 28" 25"

As-is: $500
Refurbished: $1,050
Overhauled: Not recommended

These are the first generation of strut frame timpani. The basses had wheels with a single large ball bearing. Those have been replaced with small 1.5" casters. The bowls are 28",25" with 29",26" heads. The bowls have a lot of dents and scratches. The heads are a few years old and the 25" head has a large hole in it. The 25" has a hoop tuning gauge that is not working. The old T handle tension rods were replaced with hex bolts.

As-is: The 25" needs a new head to be functional. Adjustments will need to be made the get the spring back in balance. 

Refurbished: We will remove the dents in the bowls. The springs and tension rods will be replaced with new ones. The wheels will be replaced with a design better suited with the current setup. 

Overhauled: These drums are too old to be worth overhauling. If you wish to have more refinish work done to them, contact us for a quote. 

Shipping is available for an additional cost.
Tuning gauges and possibly third wheel attachments are also available at an additional cost.