Xylophone Restoration

A bright sounding instrument brought back to a shinning bright look.

As like marimbas, xylophones are restored with new lacquer on bars and wood frame. The metal lower frames get a powder coat finish or, in some cases, get the brass polished. Bars are tuned and some also get the splitting edges on the bars repaired. 

Xylophone Bar Repair/Replacement 

Fixing synthetic bars and replacing rosewood/padauk bars.

Xylophone bars that have taken a lot of beating from hard mallets will start to splinter on the edges and wear down the finish. We offer refinishing on all bars and epoxy repairs on splintered bars. We can also replace wooden bars with new ones.

Orff Xylophone Tuning

Tuning wood Orff style xylophones at an affordable cost.

All wooden xylophones, professional and Orff, need to be tuned after a few years of use. We offer discounts for large quantities of Orff xylophone tunings.